Name: Spectre
Hit Points: 150
Distance Attack: None
D A Type: None
Close Attack: Bite
Goodies: None
Mass: 400
Width: 60
DOOM Version: Registered
Curtain Call: none

D A Damage none

C A Damage: 20
Pain Chance: 180
Height: 56
Speed 10
Great, just what you really needed, an invisible Demon. Just [deleted]ing ducky.

Spectres can move very quickly and can rip your face off in a hurry.

Spectres and Demons can sometimes be deflected by obstacles when they are charging. This causes them to seem to run away, often running in a straight line until they are deflected by something else.

Spectres and Demons are the same species, save that Demons are not "invisible".

These monsters can not be gibbed.